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Dragonaut: The Resonance: Season 1 Episode 11

Rumbling -Seeking the Truth-

After escaping, Jin, Akira, and Machina realize that they are not being followed by the Lindworm Unit, so they take refuge in an abandoned house. Meanwhile, Toa has been captured by the Gillard military. Yuuri, who was left behind by Nanami, swims to Tartarus in order to contact the ISDA and inform them of Toa’s capture. On board a space station, the ISDA’s Vritra Unit is having a briefing on the missile that they plan to use against Thanatos. Toa meanwhile has been delivered to Prince Asim on Mars, but when she attempts to tell him the consequences for capturing her, he ignores her, being more interested in seeing her true form. Later, a fourth dragon from Thanatos appears near Earth, and destroys the Vritra Unit, except for Itsuki and Otohime, who both manage to survive. The dragon then enters Earth’s atmosphere, where Machina appears to recognize it.

Dec. 13, 2007

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