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Dragonaut: The Resonance: Season 1 Episode 14

Friend -Changing Future-

In a flashback, it is shown that Raina had known Jin’s father. Back in the present, Raina and Howlingstar check up on Jin and Gio. Raina offers Jin to be a Dragonaut, but Jin does not believe he deserves to be one. Meanwhile, Kasuga explains his origins and reasons to Yuuri. At another location, Akira talks to Sieglinde, but is interrupted by an ISDA broadcast. Later, Jin and a revived Gio team up with Akira and Machina, and proceed to head into space toward Mars. However, before they can leave Earth, a deranged Kazuki attacks Gio on board Widow, inflicting damage to ISDA structures in the process. Their battle results in Kazuki and Widow being engulfed in an explosion. Jin, Gio, Akira, and Machina then continue to head into space. Meanwhile on Thanatos, a creature awakens.

Jan. 10, 2008

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