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Dragonaut: The Resonance: Season 1 Episode 17

Roaring -When The Shining Star Burns-

When Machina goes berserk, the other members of the Lindworm Unit sense her situation and decide to head to Mars. On Mars, Kō tells the Gillard King to remove Asim from his duties as military commander. Meanwhile, Garnet transforms into a dragon, and knocks out Machina with her tail. Gio, with Toa and Jin in a pod attached to him, easily defeats Asim’s military fleet. As Gio and Garnet do battle, Machina appears in her dragon form, but is blown away by Garnet. After Gio is hit by an attack meant for Toa, he releases an incredible amount of power, engulfing both Asim and Garnet in the explosion. Jin and Toa are flown to safety by Howlingstar, who had just gotten there. In the final scene, Machina encases herself and Akira in ice.

Jan. 31, 2008

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