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Golgo 13: Season 1 Episode 26

Catherine The Cold-Blooded

MI5 hire Golgo to assassinate Pamela, a woman from a radical PIRA faction against the cease of the armed campaign. Catherine, a friend of Pamela’s and was once an infamous cold-hearted terrorist who once hired Golgo 13, now follows the pacifist ideals following the death of her son. When Pamela kills a friend of Catherine’s she also hires Golgo 13 to assassinate Pamela to prevent more widespread bloodshed but she has no means to pay for his service. He still accepts but, due to Pamela’s paranoia, will have to snipe her blind as she will be behind a blackout curtain. Catherine will lure Pamela to a specified spot and give Golgo a signal to shoot. During the meeting an argument breaks out and Pamela shoots Catherine. Acting blindly Golgo calculates Pamela’s position from the bullet hole in the window and successfully snipes her.

Oct. 04, 2008

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