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Golgo 13: Season 1 Episode 47

Unvanishing Night

Mayor Bardot’s wife, Danielle, recognizes Duke Togo at a party at a hotel from a previous sexual encounter. Bardot hires some thugs to persuade him to leave town but they are easily overpowered and are forced to lead Duke to Bardot. There he recognizes Danielle as a former prostitute who had killed her pimp that same night she met Golgo. Fearful that Golgo was responsible for threatening to blackmail Bardot about Danielle’s past he tried to get Golgo to leave but, just as he had done before, Golgo warned them to never bother him. However Danielle had also hired an assassin to kill Golgo for the blackmail but now realizes that he was not responsible and tries to persuade the assassin to abort but due to pride he continues. Golgo shoots the assassin during a car chase causing Danielle to die in the ensuing crash.

Mar. 07, 2009

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