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Golgo 13: Season 1 Episode 50

The Skills of Angels and Devils

Albert Stantz, a governor election candidate, hires Golgo 13 to assassinate Wassant, a philanthropist dedicated to transforming orphans into valuable members of society. They both shared a history belonging to an anarchist street gang and Wassant is now trying to atone for his past. However Duke is involved in a car accident where his dominant right arm is severely injured and next to useless. He finds Dr. Cutter surgeon with amazing dexterity and skill to heal his arm. Overhearing a telephone conversation between Cutter and another orphan, he learns that Cutter is one of Wassant’s orphans and deduces that Stantz had mentioned Golgo 13, breaking Duke’s terms of agreement. After successfully shooting Wassant and leaving the weapon at the scene he shoots Stantz, again leaving the weapon at the scene. The M16 used to kill Wassant was modified to be shot left-handed while the other M16 was unmodified. Cutter theorises that Duke had used his left hand as an obligation to him for healing his arm. The series ends with Duke leaving for the airport.

Mar. 28, 2009

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