TaleSpin: 1x10

Molly Coddled

While escaping some thugs that are chasing him, a con artist named Covington hides a talisman in the Sea Duck to be recovered at a later time. When he returns, he finds Baloo and Kit cleaning out the plane. Fearing his talisman being tossed out, he introduces himself to the crew. But before he gets his hands on it, Molly (thinking it’s a doll) finds the talisman first. Not to lose it so easily, Covington starts dating Becky. Over the next few weeks does everything to appear nice while trying to get the talisman back. However, Molly never trusts Covington and proves to be a pain. But when Covington becomes desperate, he fakes an emergency call from Higher for Hire and volunteers to take care of Molly. The two being alone, Covington shows Molly his true side, so Molly shows him the feats of Dangerwoman.

TaleSpin: 1×10
Sep. 17, 1990

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