TaleSpin: 1x9

I Only Have Ice for You

After tricking the pirates, Baloo starts his flight back to Cape Suzette. Over confident, Baloo gets the pirates to chase him through the canyon. However, Air Traffic Control won’t clear the Sea Duck because there’s a blimp already passing through. Forced to escape the pirates, Baloo sneaks around and safely passes. However, the stunt results in Baloo getting his license suspended for a week. With the need to transport an iceberg to the desert prince, Becky gets a fliers permit and decides that she will fly the plane with the help of her book ‘How To Fly In 3 Easy Lessons.’ Becky refuses to listen to anything Baloo suggests. After all, he got his license suspended, so what does he know? But when air pirates attack the Sea Duck, Becky soon learns that you can’t learn everything from a book in one day.

TaleSpin: 1×9
Sep. 14, 1990

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