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The Story of Saiunkoku: Season 2 Episode 9

Meeting the Buddha in Hell

Eigetsu is helping the ill villagers, but is lured away by a cloaked man who looks identical to the deceased Dōshu. Flashbacks to Eigetsu’s past are shown. In the present, Eigetsu awakens tied up inside of a cave after being beaten. After seeing the man again, Eigetsu immediately realizes that he is not Dōshu. Kōrin runs away determined to find Eigetsu. Shūrei’s group with Shūei as her escort arrives in Korin but are denied entry. Luckily, Ensei and Shō Sai force the gate open and the group makes camp inside. Shūei gives Ensei Seiran’s Kansho before departing. Shūrei asks Ensei that if the time comes to perform an extraordinary act.

Jun. 02, 2007

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