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World of Winx: Season 2 Episode 1


In the inter-dimensional world of dreams, Jim and Smee continue to secretly conspire against the Queen while being stalked by shadow creatures. Back on Earth, Bloom, Tecna and Flora try to keep a performance by Annabelle, Louise, and the other Winx girls from being sabotaged. They meet a woman named Venomya who is a music critic. After driving her away, the Winx are suddenly whisked away to the dream world where they are tasked to help the spirit of the world of dreams. They receive evolved powers called Onyrix. They aid Jim and Smee against the shadow creatures. Jim explains the background of his situation: he is Captain Hook and the world of dreams is called Neverland. There was a hero named Peter Pan who left the world and the Queen (Tinkerbell) was so heartbroken she created a world of darkness. The Winx return to Earth where track down Peter Pan’s friend Wendy Darling, who now runs an orphanage in London. One of the shadow monsters absorbs some of Bloom’s essence, which Tinkerbell fashions into a dark creature called Vertigo.

Jun. 16, 2017

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