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World of Winx: Season 2 Episode 3

The Alligator Man

The Spirit of the World of Dreams summons the Winx Club and tells them someone close to them is in imminent danger. The Winx split into two groups: Flora, Aisha and Tecna go to the dream world while Stella, Bloom and Musa continue searching for Matt. Flora, Aisha and Tecna encounter and try to fight off Crocodile Man who had been going after Jim and Smee. The fairies notice that Crocodile Man isn’t really attacking back but fleeing and then waiting for them to follow. They eventually learn that Crocodile Man has been leading them to a lair where his brother Alligator had been imprisoned. But when they try to free up, they discover the prison is actually a living magical creature which ends up absorbing them into its sticky goo. Meanwhile, Bloom, Stella and Musa determine that Jim’s constellation map points to landmarks in Paris, so they head there to the brightest landmark of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Musa splits from the others and succeeds in finding Matt, but she is suddenly attacked by Banshee.

Jun. 16, 2017

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